Get Back Up

In your roughest moments, the most essential thing to do is to GET BACK UP! Every person has been down. Every person has had challenges that seemed too difficult to overcome. What makes people who succeed different? They GET BACK UP!

In our early 20’s, we are growing and identifying what place we hold in society. Every journey is different and comes with challenges. The challenge for me was to find my way out of mistakes made. Overcoming my own struggles by maintaining a positive mind and thinking past the present….while also getting better every day.

Step 1 is to establish that you will not be stopped and continue to get back up regardless of what is put in front of you. Dark nights can lead to glorious bright days. Do not be afraid to pursue whatever your most ambitious dreams are. If you decide that you cannot be stopped, you won’t be.

Personally, it started with a smart decision. Join the military. It wasn’t immediate. A job was needed to get out of the car being lived in. Pride wouldn’t allow me to walk into a recruiting office without establishing myself in an apartment. Over a year passed. Step by step things were working. A humble job as a cook, a small apartment for myself, and meeting friends. The opportunity to work through an incredibly low moment created a mindset I still find useful today.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Dylan Thomas

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