Find Ways to Add Value

Most of us hear the words ‘add value’ and we apply this to corporations or businesses. The truth is, we should all be searching for added value. Is this corporate speak? Absolutely. Even so, it does not make this any less impactful when practiced by individuals. If you are looking for ways to improve, it can happen very simply. Do things daily that add value.

The idea of searching for value should be a lifelong mission. Value is determined by the individual. Value may be meditating, it may be learning a language, or it could be cleaning your house. Identify what you value and prioritize it. Prioritizing things valuable to you will enrich your life. Defining value is very personal. Remember the most scarce resource is time, use time wisely and carefully.

Establish micro goals and complete them regularly. Find ways to complete tasks and progress toward a larger goal. Little victories daily turn into a state of preparedness. Being prepared for opportunities often determines ‘winners’ and ‘losers.’ We never know when a moment will present itself that could change our lives.

  • Identify small tasks to complete early and often each day.
  • Create a mindset that requires full effort.
  • Add 1% more value to each day. (Personally and professionally)

Personally, I ensure I clean my home office desk each night after a remote day at the office. Starting the next morning with a clean slate is very valuable to me. It helps start each day off with a victory. Cleaning your desk may sound trivial but the little victory helps get my day started toward success. Consider what you could do to help yourself. Find value.

“Do something, even if it’s wrong. Just keep trying”

TD Smith


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