Solutions, Not Problems

Problem-solvers are sought after in every business. The nature of business is to solve problems internally to provide quality products and services to your customers. Problems in the business world aren’t on paper, or corrected by a professor. They are messy, imperfect, and complex. A person with the ability to sift through information and solve these types of problems are highly valued. If you want to be a future leader of a business, develop this skill and have the abilitiy to contribute to teams solving problems.

Identifying a problem is quite simple. The vast majority of people are very good at knowing a problem exists. Far less people are willing to work at the solution. Even less are willing to make a decision based on the solution they worked at. Unfortunately, humans become paralyzed by fear of being incorrect. In the words of Wayne Gretzky, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Take shots in meetings and conversations. Ask questions and learn. Offer suggestions and get recognized, or better yet be recognized for providing a customer value.

  • Identify the Problem (Easiest Part)
  • Think through several solutions. (Find a team to discuss with)
  • Prepare a visual to assist with understanding the options.
  • Be ready to mobilize and execute the solution.

Business problems will be solved. Be the person who is part of the solution. Remember we all learn from practice and repetition. Solutions will fail. Keep attempting or being part of a group attempting to solve problems.

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