Be A Star – The Most Important Movie You Watch

Become your own inspiration, it will change your life.

As a parent, I try to tell my children every day to be the star of their own movie. On a surface level, kids thinking they are stars is important for confidence. On a deeper level, I want my kids to realize their life is important and has the possibility of being amazing. My children have different talents, skills, personalities but each has the ability to become extraordinary. Every person has greatness.

We don’t all have the resources to become great at birth. Quite a few of us are born into humble means and require life to provide opportunities to show our greatness. Be on the lookout for these. You won’t hear music, there may not be a coach/teacher who tells you it’s your time. The most likely thing that will happen is nothing. You will have to realize the moment and take complete advantage. Live your life like the most important movie with an amazing star!

Create a movie you want to watch and star in.


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