Little Victories – Do Things Your Future Self Will Thank You For

There are several books written on living in the present moment. I don’t dispute the importance of living in the moment. Instead, my focus is on both living in the present and providing future value.

Every Sunday, my routine is to wash all of my laundry from the prior week. The habit stems from military deployments, but it has carried over into my civilian life. After all my laundry is washed, it’s folded and put into outfits for the entire week. It allows for my week to go smoother and eliminates any decision during the week around wardrobe.

Daily, we should strive to pick out a task that will help our ‘future self.’ Cleaning immediately after dinner, putting away notebooks/pens/sticky notes on our desk, or other simple tasks will alleviate the overwhelming feeling when small tasks add up. Have you done anything your future self will thank you for?


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