Don’t Get Stuck in the Middle, Make a Decision and Start

Indecisiveness will stop you from starting. Indecisiveness will crush your confidence. Indecisiveness will stop you from achieving your goals. My dad used to say, “Do something, even if it’s wrong.”

My philosophy to decisions is taken from the zone running scheme in American football. The concept is that once the ball is handed off to the running back, you get exactly one cut (movement) and then you get up field toward the end zone. Decisions are the same concept, analyze information quickly and choose the appropriate action. Allowing a decision to fester and be pushed down your list will only create a larger issue. Even worse, inaction may create missed opportunities.

Create a culture in your business and personal lives to take action and make decisions. Own the choices and actions and learn from them. As you continue to make decisions your judgment will get better and experience will build knowledge to draw from. Develop a process to assist with your decision making and stick to it. Do not let indecision control your approach to life or business. 


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