Failure Isn’t Failure, Lose and Move On

Is failing at something truly a failure? The way you choose to look at anything and everything determines whether you failed or not. Rethink your failures to focus on what growth occurred and how you gained from it. Attempt to train your mind to analyze objectively and remove emotional attachments. We all lose, we do not all choose to grow from loss.

Psychologists use a term called locus of control, which in simple terms means controlling how you act and react. Emotionally determining failure can cause negative impacts for days, months, or years on your mindset. There is an expression in football, ‘don’t let a team beat you twice.’ The thought behind this is that a team might beat your team on a given night but do not let that loss impact the team’s mental state going into the next game. Lose and move on. Learn what can be learned.

Submitting to failure should never be a chosen option. Failing teaches you how to get better. Failing allows identification of gaps in understanding or process. Failing creates experience.

Children fail everyday and they learn more than most adults everyday as well. Toddlers potty training will have accidents hundreds of times before completing the training. They smile and move forward with little care. Parents clean up the messes and push forward to help their toddler celebrate all the successful attempts, but let a project go wrong at work and the same parent is lost.

Lingering in loss or failure is not productive. Take action on correcting what can be controlled and keep it moving. This application is not perfect for all loss in life but it is helpful in many situations. Be the toddler who didn’t care about all of the pee pants.


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