Fam Fridays, First One is the Worst One

As a changeup to the site every Friday will be family related. Parenting fails or successes from a first person point of view, life changes, and various light hearted happenings within what may be classified as a ‘typical’ family unit.

Every week my wife preps meals for our lunches. All thinking is removed from my daily lunch choice….except this week. The weekly grocery trip was postponed by a day and that meant lunches were not prepped at all. It has definitely wreaked havoc on my week. Confused staring into the fridge between noon and one has become a part of my daily life.

I know what you may be thinking, ‘How could she put me through this?’ My thoughts are the same. The audacity of postponing a grocery trip by a day. The fallout has impacted four straight days, and without question will impact the fifth. Discussions will be had, lessons will be learned, and shopping a day late will be avoided at all costs.

Hopefully, the trivial failure described above brings levity to your weekend. Never delay a grocery trip, it could ruin a week’s worth of lunch hours.


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