Building Our First Team, Do We Have What it Takes?

We are in the process of building some YouTube channels and as part of the process we are building a team. The team will be our first self-created business team, but with military, sports (coaching and playing), and work related team experience we have a concept of how we want to approach.

Below is our theorized approach on building.

  • #1 – Identify team members that will be needed. The team members will need to be identified based on the role and not vice versa. Choosing people without a role will lead to aimlessness. Roles will have a purpose and defined deliverables expected. The approach is to allow for the team member to make the role their own while providing clear expectations.
  • #2 – Select a team based on qualifications and soft skills. Talent is often mistaken to be everything when selecting someone, but it’s only a piece. Teams are dynamic and interact frequently. A talented jerk will poison the chemistry of your team. Prioritize soft skills when selecting candidates and work with people the team wants to be around. It will add value to the work being performed.
  • #3 – Lead the team but don’t be afraid to adapt leadership to team needs. NFL fans all have to begrudgingly admit Bill Bellicheck is the greatest coach ever. Bill adapts gameplans regularly during games to adjust to his team’s performance and the opponent’s. The lesson to take away is that adapting your leadership style will win more often than not. Do not be too prideful to reform what you thought you knew about leading.
  • #4 – Review and revise the team built. After the team is operational, you will want to start analyzing performance. Individual and collective reviews will be needed to identify gaps. Gather other’s opinions and discuss whether steps are needed to replace team members or revise roles created. Constant tweaking/improvement will increase performance.
  • #5 – Create a process around how you built the team and make it repeatable. I am a firm believer that processes should be documented and formalized. Yes, I know this could very well just be the accountant that is in my DNA at this point. Truly though, if the goal is to grow a business, you will want to create several teams. If you are approaching each one with a blank slate and developing a plan from scratch…..well, you might just love rework. Takeaway the things that worked building each team and implement them over and over again.

Team building is a mixture of luck, harmony, and adapted leadership. We are excited to start leading a team as opposed to being members of various teams. Updates will be provided in the future. Don’t forget to like this post and follow me on Twitter! 

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