Monday Motivation – Remember Why You Started

As I sat in my office this morning, a red bird landed on my front porch. A slight smile came across my face as the bird sat on the porch. Red birds always remind me of my brother and the reason my personal unlikely success story began. In the future, my hope is to write a blog or record a video that lays out my brother’s story since it’s very dear to my heart. A Monday Motivation post isn’t the place to do that, but there will be a long form post one day.

Every Monday, I take time to reflect on what started my personal journey. There is solace in looking back and understanding how far you’ve come. Do not live in that past state, but appreciate where life has taken you and why you chose to become who you are, where you are. Afterward, keep going, you’re going to achieve amazing things!

Redbirds remind me,

Days go by,

But I will never forget,

Who you were,

Or what you meant,

Redbirds remind me,

Redbirds remind me.


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