Monday Motivation – Control What You Can Control, and Call on the Universe for the Rest

Everyday is a chance for you to succeed. Mondays are an opportunity for people to set expectations for the week and implement tweaks to strategies that didn’t work last week. Controlling items in your scope is the way you contribute to personal success. Once you start executing on the pieces of your life you control, it leads to being able to start calling on the universe (God, in my life) to assist with pieces out of your control.

My process is to execute daily tasks; plan, clean up, learn, maintain a positive attitude, and take breaks. I also pray in unconventional ways. There are times prayers come naturally, and there are days where prayer is missed. Prayers are used to call on the universe, and my plan is to only call when I’ve executed on what I control. Take this Monday to set your intentions and execute on what you can control.

Your time to succeed is coming, but you must be ready!


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