Career Tips to Succeed and Advance Your Career

How are you going to kick ass in corporate America? 

It begins with these steps; be confident, be prepared, and be ready to learn quickly. 

Acting timid and overwhelmed makes you look weak. We do not want to look like weak little bitches. The most confident, prepared, and curious standout from their peers. Regardless of your career goals, everyone wants to be seen as a force in their field. 

If you’re looking to move up the corporate ladder and become a force to be reckoned with professionally, use these 5 tips to stand out! I’ve also included some hacks that you can use ASAP!

Be Undeniable 

Confidence breeds confidence. Your belief in yourself will inspire others to believe in you as well. Starting a new job is challenging. The lack of knowledge and understanding leads to self-doubt. Do not let this hurt your attitude! Attitude is everything when you begin! You know that you can succeed! They selected you for a reason! Remain confident throughout the learning period and show your coworkers that you are an undeniable talent! 

If you have been in your position awhile, look for ways to learn new skills. Skills can be built on the job or in your personal life. If you’re improving your skill set, you’re increasing your value. Jobs get redundant, your life shouldn’t. Seek out opportunities to do cool shit. 

Did you figure out how to create an awesome YouTube video in your spare time? Maybe you’ve been coaching your kid’s soccer team. These activities are increasing your skills at work, even if it’s indirect. Your employer is benefiting from you becoming a more well-rounded person. 

These are extracurricular activities. Yea, there’s a callback to high school for you. Take a few notes around how this helps you at work and make it a talking point when your eval comes around. 

Here is a hack for anyone starting a new corporate job; be unafraid to make early mistakes. In the first few months, everyone expects you to make dumb mistakes. Your first 2-3 months are the perfect time to make mistakes and challenge yourself to grow. Coworkers and managers are more willing to assist with mistakes early on. Note areas of weakness and work on them, but remain confident. Eventually, your skills will match your confidence. Be an undeniable force within your field and on team. 

Work Harder than Everyone Else

Okay, this tip should be incredibly obvious. Working harder has to be paired with working smarter, but hard work pays off, there’s a reason it’s a cliché. Outworking your peers makes you stand out. You know who gets the raise? Whoever was available when some unexpected crap happened and actually knew what to do. 

I don’t want you to work your life away, quite the opposite. I want you to focus time on becoming an expert at what you do. Be able to adapt and understand new situations related to your job, and be able to think through them from whatever you want your future position to be. 

Focus time at work on things that are important to your job and not whether or not Chad and Tina hung out last night. 

Hard work hack, learn from the talented people around you. Ask them questions. What do they do? How do they like it? Is there something you can glean from them without having their actual job? Working hard isn’t limited to physical work. Intellectual curiosity is a short cut. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Using the intelligence of people around you demonstrate promotable abilities. 

Prepare to Succeed

Preparation keeps you from looking ignorant. The last thing any of us want to do is look foolish in front of our new team. Anyone who has been in a meeting with an unprepared presenter can tell you that it’s easy to spot. 

When you were in school, did you just show up on test day and take the test? Or did you study for the test and decrease your chance of failing? I studied. Why? Originally, to avoid my parents from whooping me, or being disappointed, but eventually it was to be successful. Preparing removes the risk that you get exposed as a fraud. In fact, your preparation shows your legit. 

Prepare for success or successfully fail. 

Preparation hack, look for ways your work correlates to your personal life or current events. Did you just present a marketing campaign that has celebrities endorse a currency that’s now bankrupt? Neither did I, but you get the point. Find something in popular culture, or your personal life and use it as a way to prepare. 

Build business relationships

Social networks are referenced everywhere within business. A strong social network has your friends, but more importantly, it has your business contacts. Ted from accounting might just have 4 consignment shops where your wife can sell items from the craft business she just started. 

The business relationships you form internally and externally also become support for your manager to recommend you are promoted. Better relationships create unexpected champions for you within the company. These relationships are built on you providing value to the business partner and not just bullshitting with him over who won the Rams game. 

Business relationship hack, a business partner might be your friend, but they are working with you for a reason. It’s because you provide something to them, or vice versa. The better value you offer them, the more likely they are to speak your praises. Unprompted discussions with your boss about how much a business partner likes you is worth its weight in gold.

Grow from mistakes

We’re all going to fuck up. It’s the human condition. When you do, own it. Do not run or hide. Remember, we don’t want to be weak little bitches. The important part of a mistake is the growth that comes from it. Mistakes are small failures, maybe sometimes really big failures, but they are chances to learn. A mistake creates growth. 

If you are constantly making the same mistake, it means you are not learning and growing from it. For obvious reasons, we all dislike the person in office that is repeating the same mistakes. Don’t be that person. 

Mistakes hack, new mistakes are acceptable to intelligent, rational people, and they will help you grow and improve from them. Own what your mistake was and ask how to fix it. You may even be able to create a connection that you help in the future. 

Bonus – Find an internal mentor

The video is only supposed to have 5 tips, but as an added bonus, here is one more. Find an internal mentor. It doesn’t have to be extremely formal, but make it clear you want to learn from them. In corporate America, a mentor can guide you on a confusing path. 

Corporations try their best to set up career paths and provide resources, but they are never enough. A mentor is your spiritual guide through the complex business world you joined. 


Kicking ass in corporate America is as simple or complex as you want to make it. The 5 tips above are not a full list, but they damn sure will help you. Executing on these tips will make you stand out in a good way. They may even lead to a promotion. If they do, comment below so everyone knows how badass you are! 

My mission is, and will continue to be to help you succeed.  Providing you truthful tips and strategies that will be successful is my goal.

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