Go Do Something, Success Will Follow

As children, we all make plans. Dreams are never out of reach and we imagine only success.

As adults, we plan, but those plans are limited by our doubts and experiences. Dreams are consistently out of reach and we halt action due to fear of failure. Why do we do this? An adult has more information, experience, and skills than a child, yet they regularly limit themselves. My belief is that you have to want to succeed more than you are scared of failing.

I implore you to take action today. Plan for success. Understand your purpose. Humans default to the path of least resistance, but we have to fight against the urge to be passive. Motivate yourself to live a life with meaning.

Take action today

Every great accomplishment started with action. Stories are not told about people who refused to move. Immediate action, however small, begins the process of moving toward your goal. Mel Robbins something she calls the ‘5 second rule.’ The rule is simple. Once you have a thought to take action, you have 5 seconds to act on it. If you wait past the 5 seconds, you will not act. Be decisive and start your course toward success today.

Plan for success

Taking action is great, but action without a plan can quickly lead to nowhere. Start with a simple, easily executed plan that builds confidence. Do not worry, your plan for success will become more complicated. Original versions of plans are meant to be changed and modified to grow with you. Succeeding is plan dependent.

Understand your purpose

Purpose is your ‘why.’ Your why is the reason for the drive and ambition. The right motivation will drive you to succeed no matter how dark the tunnel is. Motivation overcomes self doubt temporarily, but a purpose overcomes all obstacles permanently.

Each of the three principles above will have individual posts in the future, but this post should get you started. Remember to follow for more content. Stop by our Youtube channel and please like/comment/subscribe. Keep chasing your success!


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