Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the knowledge and application of various financial skills.


The Financial Literacy series is meant to provide a common sense approach to teaching financial basics.

As a finance professional with an uncommon career path, I want to share what I have learned with everyone. Discussing topics that will help you accomplish your financial goals.

Latest Posts

Career Tips to Succeed and Advance Your Career

How are you going to kick ass in corporate America?  It begins with these steps; be confident, be prepared, and be ready to learn quickly.  Acting timid and overwhelmed makes you look weak. We do not want to look like weak little bitches. The most confident, prepared, and curious standout from their peers. Regardless of…

5 Good Spending Habits, and 3 bad ones (Financial Literacy Series)

Most people’s spending habits suck! Why do they suck? Well, because spending is an emotional venture. Choosing to buy or not buy is reflective of what you want others to think of you. Frugal people justify saving, frivolous people justify spending, but it’s always based on personal beliefs about money. Financial literacy about understanding financial concepts,…

Start A Budget – 5 Easy Steps to Take Control of Your Finances

Creating a budget is a simple and effective way to find gaps in spending and help you become financially stable. Strong budgets lead to financial empowerment, actionable items, and the ability to make intelligent decisions about your money. A monthly budget provides information which will empower you financially. Budgets might not be exciting or sexy,…


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